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Professional Services Testimonials

Paula Lease Extension Brighton - acting for leaseholder

Very efficient, very professional, effective, competent and helpful with no time wasted. A satisfied client.

Mrs H L Worthing Leaseholder – acting for lessee

We used the Services of Stewart Gray in a recent lease extension.  He dealt with this in a thoroughly professional and prompt manner. His help and information enabled us to close a deal with our freeholders who, themselves, were rather tardy in their replies, but Stewart always knew what stage matters had  reached and was prepared  to keep  prompting for replies until the necessary information had been received.


Miss L – Worthing leaseholder extension

The company came recommended and they didn't disappoint. They provided a professional, informative service with prompt and thorough communication. Thank you.


Property Company, Brighton

We have use Austin Gray on numerous transactions over the years and can only praise the impeccable service they provide. Courteous, efficient & professional, we would highly recommend this company. 

Kate - leasehold extension

Rupert, I have just received the final paperwork for the lease extension. It is an incredible relief to have it in black and white and all completed. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work in getting an excellent result for me. The final cost of the extension was far less than I feared I would have to pay and that was down to your negotiations so I am very appreciative of your efforts. I know they are a very difficult company to deal with and I am eternally grateful that I had you on board. 

All the best to you.

James - leasehold extension 

Rupert, your report covered everything we needed, thank you for turning it around so quickly, so much appreciated. Your advice presents me with a much better scenario than I had previously thought.


Roger - leasehold extension

Thank you so much for all your help getting the lease extended.  You have been unbelievably efficient and helpful. I am sure I will be back to you for further advice in the future.